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Results!   I tell you what you can expect & whether it will be worth your time and money. If you like what I tell you I’ll do it right then and there if possible, if not we make an appointment. There is no charge if you don’t want the work done. 

Experience!  Most people want solutions born from decades of experience and solid commitment. 1968 San Francisco is the city I was trained in by a master in carpet installation and repair. 

Find us on yelp! Commitment: it takes time to do anything well. Because each repair is unique in some way, it takes a person of vast knowledge and willing to commit the time and effort to produce the results I’m so well known for. If the needed repair is not the solution you are looking for, I will tell you plainly. I extend a guarantee on all my work provided the carpet allows by its condition. That is not hard for me to do, I very seldom have to go back.

Scarcity!  Its scarce to find someone willing to give you a detailed phone consultation free of charge!

My family came here in 1947 when I was four years old. Its scarce to find someone who is a long time resident and who does what I do and has the references I do. 

Gary Myers